Bond Calculator

This basic calculator illustrates the various relationships between SGS bond prices, yields, coupon rates, and maturity.

To use the calculator, follow these simple steps:

(A) If you are interested in any specific SGS bond, select it from the drop-down menu and its maturity date and coupon rate will be filled in for you.



Leave the field for SGS bond blank


Enter the bond's maturity


Enter the bond's coupon rate

(B) Then, either :


Enter the bond's price, and the calculator will give the bond's yield-to-maturity;



Enter the bond's yield and it will give the corresponding price

SGS Bond:
Matures on:
Coupon Rate:
Up Down *Click on the arrows to adjust the price
   (Price is quoted in S$ per S$100 of principal amount)
1. This bond calculator assumes a semi-annual coupon payment, i.e. a bond with a 4% coupon rate will pay out 2% in coupon interest every 6 months.  
2. Please note that this calculator is indicative only for bonds with more than 6 months left to maturity.
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