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A safe and flexible way to save for the long term

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Savings Bonds for everyone

Savings Bonds are a special type of Singapore Government Securities that is suitable for individuals.

Complements other savings and investments

They complement other savings and investments as a safe way to save for the long term.

Three main features


Savings Bonds are fully backed by the Singapore Government. In addition, you can always get your investment amount back in full with no capital losses.


Invest for up to ten years, with interest that increases over time. The longer you save, the higher your return.


Or, choose to exit your investment in any given month, with no penalties. There is no need to decide on a specific investment period at the start.

How can it benefit me


Starting small

You don’t need to set aside a large amount of money - start with as little as $500.

Saving for retirement

If you are a retiree or nearing retirement, Savings Bonds can be a safe and flexible way to maintain the value of your nest egg.

"Rainy day" fund

Earn step-up interest on your savings while having the flexibility to access your funds within a month.

Diversify your investments

If you’re an active investor, you can diversify the risk in your investment portfolio by allocating a portion to Savings Bonds.

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